5 Times You Should Opt For A One-Bedroom Apartment

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5 Times You Should Opt For A One-Bedroom Apartment

When many people go apartment shopping, they automatically look for larger units with two or even three bedrooms. But do you need such a large place to live? A one-bedroom unit might, in fact, be a more perfect match in a number of situations. Here are five times when it's a great solution.

1. When You're Already Busy

An overworked individual or couple should try to keep their home maintenance and upkeep routine to a minimum. The fewer rooms you have to clean, decorate, dust, and keep clutter-free, the better. This frees up time and energy for better uses, like advancing your career or finally writing that screenplay. 

2. When the Move Is Temporary

Do you plan to be in this apartment for less than two years? Whether it's a few semesters to graduate with your degree, a temporary work assignment, an internship, or bunking with a friend until you save up a down payment, a smaller place facilitates a short stay. You won't spend time moving a lot of stuff, buying things for your temporary home, and becoming overly attached to it. 

3. When You Entertain Out

Although they can be easier to keep up, one-bedroom apartments aren't always conducive to entertaining at home. How much this impacts you depends on you. If you generally have one friend over for dinner and a movie, you may not even notice the smaller area. But if you want to have parties, this apartment may not be conducive. The best one-bedroom apartment dweller is often one who entertains themselves and others out rather than spending the majority of their time at home. 

4. When Your Budget Is Tight

One-bedroom apartments are nearly always less expensive than those with more bedrooms, even if the rest of the apartment is similar. If your budget is tight, you're new to managing the finances of living on your own, or you have cyclical income, the advantage of a less expensive place may outweigh the lack of one extra bedroom. 

5. When You Don't Like Roommates

Some renters love to live with others, but others would rather live alone or only with their significant other. If you fall into the latter category, one-bedroom apartments help in two ways. First, they keep expenses lower so you don't have the need to share costs. Second, you don't have a spare bedroom, preventing anyone from imposing upon your hospitality or suggesting that you become roommates.

Where to Start

Want to know if a one-bedroom apartment is right for you? Start by touring apartments and complexes in your target area. With modern choices, amenities, and styles, you may just find that a one-bedroom space is the perfect place to call home. Look for one-bedroom apartments for rent in an area you like. 

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