Recommendations to Improve Your Brownstone Apartment Search

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Recommendations to Improve Your Brownstone Apartment Search

Shopping for an apartment is a great opportunity to have your own unique apartment space that is spacious and solidly built. However, remember to consider details about your new apartment rental. The following provides you with insight to help you find and choose a Brownstone apartment for rent.

Consider the Interior Features

When you are searching for an apartment to rent, you know that you can find a great apartment with high ceilings, crown molding, beautiful woodwork, and vintage-style heating. However, the interior of an apartment was originally built as a single-family townhouse, so you should make sure you check out the interior space. When you view the interior of the apartment, listen for sounds from other units above, below, or beside the apartment. You can also ask the landlord what type of soundproofing, if any, has been added to the interior. 

If you will be traveling up and down the stairs to your apartment, ask about the available handrails and whether the lighting is adequate. You can also look at the plumbing and mechanical systems in the building to make sure they have been updated. Ask direct questions when the unit was last updated with plumbing, heating, and electrical so you have an idea of how well they will work while you live there.

Check Out the Landlord 

When you are looking to rent an apartment, you may encounter the landlord while you are searching and touring through each property. If the landlord lives in another area, they may hire a property manager to take care of the rental process and you may not ever meet the landlord. However, many apartments are managed and leased by the owner of the property, and often they live on the property as well. 

If you are looking to rent an apartment from an on-site landlord, there can be many benefits to the situation. Your landlord is going to live in the building and be more in tune with the building's condition and handle maintenance issues when they come up. Because they will be made aware of them by physically living there, you won't have to worry about trying to contact the property manager to get things fixed, especially serious issues. 

Your landlord will also be around and you may get to know them or see them daily in the halls. This provides you the opportunity to see yourself as a real person and not just a renter, which can help you out in situations. If you have packages getting delivered, your landlord may be willing to accept them when you are gone, for example.

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