Focus On Apartment Communities When Looking For Short-Term Rentals

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Focus On Apartment Communities When Looking For Short-Term Rentals

If you will be living in a certain location for just a few months, then finding an apartment can be a bit of a nuisance. Many landlords, and even some apartment communities, want renters to sign a one-year lease, which doesn't make sense if you'll only be in the area for a couple of months. If you find yourself in this situation, then you will find it helpful to focus your search on apartment communities, rather than private rentals. Here's why.

Apartment communities are often more willing to rent short-term

Screening renters takes a lot of time and resources. Most private landlords who only have a couple of properties are simply not willing to go through this effort only to have someone rent for just a few months. Apartment complexes tend to have a more streamlined resident screening system, which means they don't have to dedicate as much time to this endeavor. As such, they tend to be more willing to rent to renters who will only be around for a few months.

Apartment communities often have smaller apartment options

If you're only going to be moving in for a few months, you probably don't want a 1,500-square foot space that you have to fill with furniture and decor. But most private apartments do tend to be on the bigger side since they tend to be entire floors or halves of houses. Apartment communities, on the other hand, tend to offer apartments in a variety of sizes. You can more easily find a studio or a small one-bedroom that won't take you a whole week to decorate — and then clean before you move, just months later.

Apartment communities often offer furnished units

Even if you own your own furniture and appliances, you may not want to spend time moving it all in when you're only going to be in town for a short time. Some private landlords offer furnished apartments, but they are tough to find. Apartment communities, on the other hand, tend to offer at least some furnished units. It's nice to move in and already have a couch, bed, stove, and other essentials in the space. And when you move out, you'll really appreciate not having to rent a moving truck to transport these big things.

If you need an apartment for just a few months, focus your search on apartment complexes. You're likely to have better luck than with private landlords.

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