Apartment Hunting? 5 Signs Of Good Landlord/Tenant Communications

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Apartment Hunting? 5 Signs Of Good Landlord/Tenant Communications

Communications between prospective apartment renters and prospective landlords can be nearly as important as the condition of the apartment itself. The right communication between you as you select an apartment can avoid problems and let you know you both have found a good match. Not sure what communication to look for? Here are five important elements and why they matter.

1. Questions Show You Care

Don't be afraid to ask questions about the unit, the complex, and any special situations that may come up (such as if Grandma can bring her dog when she visits). Questions show your landlord or property manager that you're paying attention and have some experience with the rental process. It also lets them know that you're more likely to ask about things rather than just plunge ahead without permission. 

2. Professionalism Is a Good Sign

How professional are your interactions with the landlord or manager? Do they treat you with respect as an adult and potential business partner? Or are they emotional, unfocused, overly informal, or disorganized? A professional apartment manager will provide better customer service and keep their word. You, in turn, can show by your professional demeanor that you will be a good and reasonable renter. 

3. Personal Attention Shows They Care

Professionalism is important, especially from a prospective landlord, but you also want to feel that they are interested in you as a potential tenant. They should take time to meet with you and to keep their appointments. And when you meet together — in person or on the phone — you should feel like you have their (mostly undivided) attention. In return, respect their time by making appointments and not being unnecessarily demanding. 

4. Clarity Now Foretells Clarity Later

How clear are any instructions you need to follow during the application or tour process? A landlord who presents written instruction and a clear timetable builds confidence. You will know more or less what is expected of you and what you can expect of them later on. 

5. Beware What's Too Good to Be True

Every property has some type of drawback or limitation. A landlord who promises the moon may not be trustworthy. On the other hand, a landlord who is honest about the age of the rental unit, flaws in the neighborhood, or other tenants' activities is interested less in a quick buck and more in starting a quality business relationship with you as a client. 

Start looking for these communication indicators as you hunt for new apartments today. As you meet with managers or landlords, you will learn to see the telltale signs of a good communicator and a reputable apartment complex. Tour one today to begin.  

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