3 Signs You're Touring A Luxury Home

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3 Signs You're Touring A Luxury Home

When you start house hunting, there aren't signs on the doors that say "starter home" or "luxury property." Instead, every home will be presented as just another house, and you will have to decide whether or not to call it home in the future. However, looking for a luxury home can have some big benefits since the property may have been expertly cared for over the years. Here are three signs you're touring a luxury home, and why you should put in an offer, stat. 

1. Finishes Are the Real Deal 

Anytime you are in a home and there are finishes like crown molding, solid brass drawer pulls, or custom coffered archways or ceilings, chances are good that you are in a luxury property. Ask the touring real estate agent what the finishes are made from, and if they report that woodworking is made from solid wood and not MDF, you can rest assured that the sellers invested in professional carpentry and finish work. 

Learn as much as possible about finishes before touring different properties since it could make a big difference in how you view elements of homes for sale. Take photos of any finishes you aren't sure about so you can research them later. 

2. The Space Is Completely Customized

If you had a pile of money that you could use to do whatever you wanted, wouldn't you create a custom home that fits your design aesthetic perfectly? Oftentimes, people who build luxury properties tend to build highly customized spaces, complete with rooms for what they need and spaces designed with their exact preferences in mind. If you are touring a home and you notice that the entire space is unique, you could be in a luxury home. 

3. Views Are Present--and Spectacular

Another detail that many wealthy homeowners look for is spectacular views. Whether the home is situated by a mountainside or nestled near a lake, it may boast incredible views that make using the home even more enjoyable. Open curtains and blinds when you tour potential homes to see what the views are like. 

Anytime you are touring a home that you are interested in, make sure your real estate agent knows. While you may hold off saying just how much you love the property while you are around the seller's agent or the sellers themselves, make sure your real estate agent understands your true feelings. Place your offer quickly so you can start enjoying those views and custom finishes sooner rather than later. 

For more information on luxury homes, reach out to a local real estate agent.

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