3 Surprising Services That Many Realtors Offer

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3 Surprising Services That Many Realtors Offer

When you want to buy a house or sell your current one, who do you call? Most people know to call a realtor for help with these things because this is what realtors do. Did you know that many realtors offer other services, too? While all the services that realtors offer relate to homes, some offer services that do not involve buying or selling. Here are three surprising services that many realtors provide.

1. Home Staging Services

The first service that some realtors offer is home staging services. Home staging services help homeowners prepare their properties for sale. When you stage a home, you make the necessary changes to improve the way it looks. The purpose of staging is to make a home as appealing as possible so you can find a buyer quickly. If your home needs some help, you can talk to a realtor to find one that offers staging services. If you find one, the realtor will help you stage your home in exchange for a fee.

2. Assistance With Renting Your Home

The second surprising service that many realtors provide is assistance with renting a home. Some realtors offer property management services on the side. If you decide to keep your home instead of selling it, you can ask a realtor to help you find a tenant. The realtor might assist you with this task only, or they might agree to manage the property for you. If you can find an agent to do this, you will not have to handle any of the tasks related to renting your home. The agent will handle them for you.

3. Selling a Home on Contract

Some realtors also assist with selling homes on contract. When you cannot find a buyer for your house but need to sell it, you could consider selling it on contract. This arrangement involves a person buying your house over time. At first, they rent your house and pay you a monthly payment. They also provide a down payment when they move in. The downside to this option is that you must keep the mortgage in your name. After five or ten years, the buyer must get their own mortgage. When this happens, the deal closes.

While most realtors focus on helping people buy and sell homes, many agents also offer these services. If you are interested in buying or selling a home or any of these services, talk to a local realtor like Steve Cohn - Keller Williams Realty - Petaluma to learn more.

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