Want A Great Place To Live? 3 Reasons To Check Out Student Rental Houses

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Want A Great Place To Live? 3 Reasons To Check Out Student Rental Houses

As a brand new college student, it can be intimidating to find a place to live. With options like dorms and nearby apartments, rental houses might not be first on your list to explore. However, renting a house, either by yourself or with a troupe of roommates, is always a good idea. Here are three reasons to check out student rental houses.

1. Fewer Shared Amenities

Typically, student living areas like dorms and large apartment complexes rely on shared services, like a central laundry, to create a convenient place for students to get things done. However, if you like another layer of privacy, consider renting a house. 

When you rent your own house, you have access to all of your own amenities, including outdoor space, your own washer and dryer room, and maybe even an extra bedroom or two. That way, you can spread out, relax, and study in peace. 

2. Enjoy More Entertaining Space

On the other hand, if you like to entertain, rental houses are a great option too. Since rental houses give you the chance to live in a whole house by yourself or with roommates, you have a larger amount of space to entertain, especially when you consider that you can use the front and back yard. 

If you want to have people over, look for a rental house that has enough room to throw a party or two. Think about where your guests would stand and sit, and whether or not you can afford to furnish the property. Some rental houses even come partially or fully furnished, which can save you time and money. 

3. Put Those New Skills to Work

Whether you are going to school to learn HVAC repair or horticulture, having your own rental home gives you the chance to put those skills to work. You can plant a garden, talk with the landlord about repairing things that need to be upgraded, or even test out your interior design skills. As a home renter, you may even have the option of turning your lease into a buying opportunity, creating an excellent investment. 

If you are a student who will be going to school soon, talk with a real estate agent near where you will be going to school about rental houses. Ask what is available within your budget, and don't forget to factor in how much you will be making, what your new lifestyle will be like, and how long you plan to be in school.

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