How to Prep Your House for a Quick Sale This Fall

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How to Prep Your House for a Quick Sale This Fall

Houses are selling at a brisk pace so far in 2020, but you can never be too careful. Putting your best foot forward when you list your home for sale this fall is crucial to not only selling fast but also for top dollar. With just a little time and elbow grease, you can prep your house for a quick sale.    

1. Lawn Care: Curb appeal starts with your front yard. As buyers are driving by looking for your address, you want them to notice your well-manicured front yard. Cut the grass regularly. Rake the leaves. You do not need to re-landscape everything; just keep it all looking meticulously tidy.

2. Windows: Take the bug screens and sun screens out of your windows and give them a good cleaning. Windows with screens look black when viewed from the street, but when the screes are left off the windows sparkle. While you are up there cleaning the windows, be sure to tighten any loose shutters.

3. Pumpkin Scents: Many Americans are addicted to pumpkin spice anything. Buy a pumpkin at your local hardware super store and give it a welcoming spot on your front porch. It adds charm and curb appeal for zero effort. If you have window boxes or a planter's box near the front door, consider adding some mums and a bunch of colorful gourds. 

4. Closets: Buyers want big closets. While you can't make your closets bigger, you can make them appear bigger. Take everything out of your foyer closet and give the space a good cleaning. Put back only the items you will need in the next month or two. Pack everything else away. Your goal is to create a closet space that is only half full, creating the illusion of space. If you have the budget for it, invest in quality wood hangers as well. 

5. Garage: Garages are used and abused. They are dumping grounds for all your extra, unwanted stuff. Take a Saturday to clean it out. Donate or get rid of anything that you don't need, want, or haven't used in over six months. Power wash the garage floor to get all those oil stains off and buy a few plastic tubs to store everything in. Your goal is to have buyers so impressed with the cleanliness of your garage that they assume you must have taken just as good of care of the rest of your house. 

Selling your house this fall won't be difficult with a great real estate agent, a clean house, and great curb appeal. Contact home sales services to learn more. 

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