5 Reasons Why A Buyer's Agent Is A 'Must' When Buying Your First Home

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5 Reasons Why A Buyer's Agent Is A 'Must' When Buying Your First Home

1. Free

Working with a buyer's agent is free. It costs the buyer zero money out-of-pocket. In fact, the buyer's agent's commission is paid for by the seller at closing. When a seller lists his or her home for sale, they agree to pay the listing agent a set commission, usually about six percent. When the house sells, the listing agent splits that commission with the buyer's agent. The split is typically 50/50, but it varies throughout the country. 

2. Knowledge

You may know your town. You know where the best place for ice cream is and which intersections to avoid during rush hour traffic. A buyer's agent, however, knows every detail about every neighborhood. They know which houses are netting the best re-sale value, where the popular playgrounds are, and what projects the city plans on completing next. It is their job to know every, single detail about your town. They are paid to know.

3. Non-Biased

Buying a house can be a difficult process for many people. There are so many nice houses, but which one is right for you? If you have trouble making decisions, house hunting can be very difficult. A great buyer's agent, however, is non-biased and can give you a well-educated decision on why one house works better for your needs and future resale than another. They are also great at helping couples hash out their difference in terms of which house to choose. 

4. Negotiate

Try to face it. You can't negotiate the deal on your own house. You are too emotionally attached to it. A buyer's agent is well-versed in negotiations. They negotiate for clients on a daily basis and are rather good at it. They can remain calm and not show any emotions during the process, which is essential and may save you thousands of dollars. 

5. Representation

If something goes wrong at closing, you want someone in there fighting for you and your best interests. A buyer's agent's sole job is to look out for you. Many times things happen behind the scenes, like a seller deciding at the last minute that they want to keep their refrigerator, that a buyer never even knows about because their agent spoke up on their behalf. 

Buying a new house can be stressful. Buying a new house with an experienced buyer's agent on your team is a must.

To learn more, reach out to a local realtor.

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