How To Get More Out Of Your Home Inspection

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How To Get More Out Of Your Home Inspection

The home inspection is an important part of the home-buying process. It is meant to turn up any issues so that you are able to negotiate with the seller or perhaps even walk away from the sale if something big comes up. However, some home inspections are more productive and informative than others. If you want to ensure you get the most out of your home inspection, here are a few tips to follow.

1. Show up in-person.

If you have the inspector walk through the home without you and report back to you later, you won't be able to physically look at what they are pointing out in real time. This may lead you to think that certain issues raised are a bigger deal, or not as big of a deal, as they really are. For example, if the home inspector tells you the faucet is leaking, you might picture an endless flow of water that's wasting gallons, when really it's only a slow drip. Being present and in-person for the inspection allows for a better understanding between you and the inspector.

2. Ask questions.

Don't be afraid to ask the inspector to clarify anything you don't understand! You can also ask them what their opinion is of certain problems that come up. For instance, if they find that a window is leaking, you could ask them, "How much do you think that would cost to repair?" or "Do you think the window needs to be replaced or just repaired?" Home inspectors have a wealth of knowledge, but sometimes you need to ask questions to prompt that knowledge to come out!

3. Take notes and write things down.

If your inspector does not generate a written report as they go, do so yourself. It is far too easy to get finished walking through the home and to forget several of the little issues you came upon along the way. Taking notes along the way ensures nothing gets forgotten later on when you're trying to figure out how to negotiate with the seller.

4. Bring along a friend.

If you have a friend, partner, or family member who is willing to tag along on the home inspection, bring them with you! They may come up with questions that you don't think of, or they may remember things that you would have forgotten. Two sets of eyes (and ears) are better than one.

With the tips above, you can learn all about a home via the home inspection, preparing you to make a more responsible buying decision. 

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