7 Steps Toward A More Successful Open House

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7 Steps Toward A More Successful Open House

If you want to have a virtual buffet of buyers to choose from, an open house is a way to go. Some sellers are able to sell their homes on the first day of the open house since it allows so many to view the home at once. You have to make your home stand out from all the other open house events the buyers are sure to attend, however. To make sure your home is ready, follow the below seven steps for a successful open house. 

Attend to Curb Appeal

Make sure your lawn is mowed and your landscaping is neat. Hide trash cans and toys in the garage or elsewhere. If you have time, some pretty seasonal plantings around the front door area look welcoming.

Get your home sparkling clean

Buyers are often distracted and discouraged when viewing homes with odors or obvious debris. Begin with the floors and get the carpets professionally cleaned. Dust everything and clear the windows inside and out. Pay special attention to bathrooms and kitchens.

Remove all the clutter

All homes have the potential to shine, but it's important to allow your buyers to see the "bones" of the home rather than your own stuff. Buyers need to be able to see themselves and their belongings living in your home. That means that the way your home looks on open house day is not about you, it's about the buyer. Remove photographs, trophies, certificates, figurines, and other personal objects from the walls and rooms. The less stuff your buyer has to see, the more they can see your home and its unique details.

Lead the eye to the best feature

Every room has a focal point, and it pays to know what it is and how to showcase it. In most living rooms, the focal point is the fireplace or a big window. In the kitchen, it might be a large island. Once you know what it is, draw the eye toward it by placing mirrors, fresh flowers, or new pillows on it or near it. A fireplace, for example, should be showcased with a mirror and a few ornaments on the mantel. Just be sure not to overshadow the focal point.

Beware of packing boxes

Spare rooms and garages are often the places sellers tend to store moving boxes, but those spaces deserve their time to shine too. Buyers should be able to view a home that is ready to go, no matter which room is being viewed. Use a storage facility if you need to avoid cluttering things.

Pay attention to your closets

If you are still living in your home, be sure to tidy up your closet. Buyers are very interested in the size and capacity of closets.

There will be snacks. Either you or your real estate agent should provide something to eat and drink for buyers. Bottled water, coffee, and cookies are traditional munchies for hungry buyers.

To learn more about buying or selling a single-family home, speak to your real estate agent.

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