Why Rent Your Home Out To Travel Nurses?

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Why Rent Your Home Out To Travel Nurses?

A travel nurse is a nurse who joins a contract with a hospital and travels for work on a short-term basis. This contract typically lasts a few weeks and allows a traveling nurse to make a large salary with their career because they get compensated for the inconvenience of traveling outside their own city or even state to work.

Hospitals all across the country recruit quality nurses in this fashion and even allow the nurses they hire an allowance for lodging. Most travel nurse contracts last around 13 weeks, which means nurses who take on these traveling jobs will best benefit from finding lodging while they are under contract. Many nurses seek travel nurse housing while they work in locations far from home.

This is where you come in — your rental home can be ideal for traveling nurses, especially if your home is already furnished and conveniently located to a nearby hospital. Even though the work contracts of travel nurses are shorter, engaging in travel nurse housing for rental income can make you a more profitable landlord. Learn why.

Your renters are responsible

When you rent out housing for traveling nurses, you rent out your home to responsible parties. Nurses are often drug screened as part of their jobs, and they will have to stay gainfully employed to stay in your travel nursing housing. This means you have responsible renters in your rental house that you can count on to pay their rent timely, keep out of trouble, and leave your furnished house in good condition in between their stays.

Your rent is on time

Travel nurse housing is beneficial this way: the rent is on time every month while a nurse is under contract. Why? Most companies that hire travel nurses offer a stipend or a monthly per diem to their nurses to pay for their lodging. This means you'd get reliable rent and you won't have to worry about rent being on time and consistent.

What you can charge for housing for travel nurses is dependent upon how many travel nurses you are hosting, the size of your home, and what furnishings you have available. Your realtor can help you locate a housing manager to help manage the rental payments you receive. They also seek out travel nurse housing candidates and can help you determine what your monthly rent should be as well. When you turn your home into housing for traveling nurses, you benefit in many ways.

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