How Buying a Home Close to a Country Club Can Be a Fantastic Idea

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How Buying a Home Close to a Country Club Can Be a Fantastic Idea

If you have ever thought you would like to buy a home near a golf course or a country club, you are not alone. In fact, it has become popular to consider buying a home close to one of the more popular sports for the average person to play. It saves time on traveling to a golf course, and you have great views from your backyard.

If you have thought of buying a home close to a country club or a golf course, it can be a fantastic idea for you. Here are some reasons you should consider contacting a real estate agent to start looking for one now.

1. You Get Access to the Club's Golf Course and Other Amenities

Homes that are located within the country club or golf course's boundaries, or at least situated on the borders typically get access to the golf course itself and the other amenities located on the property. This means, you can pay a discounted fee to play your favorite game and those savings can be passed on to any guests you bring with you. It's also possible to rent golf clubs at a discounted rate, and even a golf cart.

You can also use the swimming pool, enjoy a spa day, shop in the stores, enjoy the walking trails, and even have a meal at the restaurant. If it's a private club, you could purchase a membership to the club at a discounted rate as well, and have access to special events and parties. You may also have the ability to rent the facilities for weddings or other special occasions.

Contact a real estate agent to ensure you are able to get these additional perks at a particular country club or golf course you are interested in buying close to.

Neighboring Houses Are Further Apart

When you buy a home by a country club or golf course, you will find that you have more space between you and your neighbors. This means you will have more privacy to enjoy your yard than you may have with houses closer to you. You won't have any neighbors in your backyard at all, instead, you can enjoy the view of the green space of the golf course where you can enjoy watching the players go through their game.

You will usually have great neighbors too. While they may not be right next to you, the neighbors here tend to like to organize BBQs and parties for each other, and you can make some great friends that will last a lifetime.

Ask a real estate agent if the neighborhood plans activities for the residents and how active they are in helping each other out too.

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