Amenities To Look For In A One-Bedroom Senior Apartment

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Amenities To Look For In A One-Bedroom Senior Apartment

If you have an older adult in your life, moving them into a senior apartment can be a good way to ensure they're in a safe space suited to their needs. They'll have less space to clean, and they'll have neighbors nearby. But not all one bedroom senior apartments are the same. As you browse listings for various accommodations, here are some amenities you'll want to look for.

1. Grab bars and an otherwise accessible bathroom

Take a very close look at the bathroom inside any one-bedroom senior apartment. You will want to make sure this bathroom has grab bars near the toilet so that your loved one can use it safely. Also, look at the shower. Does it lack a tall border that the resident would have to step over? Are there grab bars in the shower, and is there a seat so your loved one can shower while sitting down? Even if your loved one is currently pretty agile, their agility will decrease as they get older, and they'll eventually need these amenities.

2. Reachable shelving

Your loved one will probably have to get rid of a lot of things in order to move into a one-bedroom apartment, but they'll still have some items they need to store! You want to make sure the shelving and storage within the apartment are easy for them to reach. Look for drop-down shelves in kitchen cabinets and lower shelves in walk-in closets. You would not want your loved one to hurt themselves trying to stand on a stool or reach up to a tall cabinet.

3. Non-slip flooring

A good one-bedroom senior apartment should have non-slip flooring throughout. Pay special attention to the kitchen and bath. The bedrooms are usually carpeted, so they are not slippery, but some kitchens and baths may have smooth vinyl flooring, which for an older person whose balance may not be the best can lead to falls. Textured tile of some sort is typically a better choice.

4. Wide doorways

At some point, your loved one will probably spend some time in a wheelchair or with a walker, even if it is just after recovering from a surgery or injury. You want to make sure the doorways are wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair so your loved one does not have to move to another apartment if this happens to them.

There are plenty of great senior apartments that provide amenities above. Start shopping around to find the place that is best for your loved one.

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