3 Things Your Beach House Has To Have

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3 Things Your Beach House Has To Have

When you love the beach, owning a beach house can be a dream come true. Great beach homes give you an easy way to enjoy gorgeous scenery and access to the water, while the wrong beach houses can be pricey to purchase and maintain. Here are three things your beach house has to have, and why. 

1. An Outdoor Shower

When you have a beach-front home, one of the most challenging aspects of owning your property is the fact that it can be difficult to keep the drains free and clear. After people visit the beach to run and play in the surf, they may want a shower. When sand escapes down the drain, it can accumulate and clog the plumbing, creating significant issues. 

Fortunately, by installing an outdoor shower, you can give people an easy way to wash off the sand outside before coming inside. In addition to keeping sand out of your home and your plumbing, outdoor showers can also make it easy for multiple people to clean up after a long day of play. 

2. Recreation Equipment

You never know when it will sound fun to build a sandcastle or head out on a paddle board for a few hours. Having those pieces of equipment handy can be tremendously helpful. Having equipment prepared and ready to go is a great way to make sure your entire family has everything they need to enjoy their day, while also lowering surprise expenses. For instance, if you already have snorkeling equipment and kayaks available, you won't be faced with buying or renting those pieces in the future. 

3. A Beautiful Porch

What better way to enjoy the sunset and eat la fresco than by installing a great back porch? A nice back porch or deck, also called a lanai in certain tropical locales like Hawaii, is a fun addition that every beach home should have. Consider building a porch that has an outdoor barbecue area and fun spaces for recreation, so you can play cards, lay in a hammock, or chat with your friends. 

Whether you currently have beach vacation home or you are thinking about investing in one and making it your own, turn to a real estate agent in your area who has experience in that market. In addition to showing you properties that are available in your target market, they can also talk with you about the perks of different properties and how to make the changes you need to improve things down the road. 

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