6 Tasks Your Agent Will Do When You List Your Home

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6 Tasks Your Agent Will Do When You List Your Home

Are you ready to list your home for sale and need help with this task? If you need help selling your home, then you should choose and hire a real estate agent. The agent you select will assist you with selling, and here are six tasks your agent will do when you are ready to list your house for sale.

1. Research the Area and Comps

The first thing the agent will do is research the area and comps for your house. The goal of this is to help you see how much your house is worth right now, as this will help you select the right asking price for the property.

2. Analyze Your Home

The next thing your agent will do is visit your house and analyze it. The goal of this step is to make sure your house is show-ready. If the agent spots issues that buyers might not like, then he or she will suggest fixing or changing the items. Your agent helps you prepare your home for sale, so it has the greatest chance of selling quickly.

3. Create the Paperwork

Next, your agent will create the listing agreement and other paperwork that you must sign for the deal. You will have to sign documents when you list your house, and one of those documents is a contract between you and the agent. Another paper you must sign is a disclosure form; this form requires you to list the ages and conditions of the major parts of the home.

4. Hire a Photographer and Arrange a Visit

To post your home listing online, the agent will need high-quality photographs. To get these, the agent might talk to you about hiring a photographer to take the pictures. The agent will arrange a time with you for the photographer to show up.

5. Create the Online Listing

Once the agent has the signed documents and the photos, he or she will create the online listing of your home. The agent will place the listing on the MLS and other sites to attract buyers to it.

6. Schedule Showings

After the listing appears online, your agent will probably receive requests from other agents to show your home. Your agent will schedule these and get them approved by you before they occur.

From there, the agent will hopefully find a buyer for the house, and together, you will negotiate on the deal. If you have questions about this, call a real estate agent in your area.

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