Great Tips For Helping A Military Family Move To Their New Home

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Great Tips For Helping A Military Family Move To Their New Home

Military families tend to move to a new location every few years. This can be stressful and time-consuming. For a military family, moving on top of everything else that is going on can feel overwhelming. There are a few things you can do to help improve the process.

Here are some great tips for moving to your new home if you are part of a military family.

Start Planning And Organizing Early

Once you receive your orders that you are moving to another base, it is time to start organizing and planning for the move. This doesn't mean you have to start packing right away, although if you have items that you don't need right now and don't anticipate needing in the next few weeks to a few months, then you might want to pack them.

Start to plan which rooms will be packed first and who will pack them. Are you doing the packing yourself or along with the family? Or are you using packers and movers who will come in and do the work for you?

You should also sign up with the movers once you receive your orders and the location where you are going. Some spaces fill up fast, especially during a busy season, and you will want to have the movers booked early.

Have Documentation Ready In One Binder

When you move to a new base, you will need to have your paperwork ready and organized. Create a paperwork binder that contains all your important documents in one place. This will include your birth certificates, social security card information, any mortgage documents or rental agreements, and your marriage license.

Place any important paperwork that you need to make sure will move with you into the binder so you won't be searching for it later.

De-Clutter Your Home And Give Away Items

You won't necessarily want to move all your items to your new home. Like with a civilian family, now is the time to go over the items in your home and de-clutter. Take a look at what you haven't used in a long time or items that you never unpacked the last time you moved. Will you use it again? Does it have sentimental value? If you can let it go and know you won't use it again, it's time to give it away to friends or family or donate it to a charity.

Military families are on the move a lot, and it can make the moving process harder when you keep moving an ever-growing household of items. It's best to give away or donate items you know you won't use again or that don't have any sentimental value to you to make the move easier.

To learn more about military relocations, contact a real estate team that deals with them often.

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