Communication Tips For Being A Good Tenant

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Communication Tips For Being A Good Tenant

Although your landlord doesn't have to be your favorite person in the world, getting along with your landlords and their realty agencies can be useful for your future life. The next time you want to rent, for example, the new landlord will likely ask for your old landlord's phone number to ask them if you've paid your rent on time and otherwise been a good tenant.

But if you're new to renting, then you may wonder just what other factors (besides paying on time) go into making someone a good tenant. Fortunately, following the stipulations in your rent contract is typically all that's expected of you.

However, you can also use your communication skills to keep up a good relationship with your landlord and the realty company that provides their real estate services. Here are three tips to help with this.

1. Notify of any issues early

Your landlord is much more likely to look favorably on repair requests if you submit them in a timely fashion. If you wait to report a leak until after it's caused extensive damage, then your landlord may consider the damage to be your fault (and require you to pay for it) since you knew it was occurring and took no actions to stop it.

In some cases, the realty company that provides your landlord's real estate services may offer maintenance and repairs as well. Check your rental agreement to see who you're supposed to call when you need repairs.

2. Be upfront if you want any changes to the lease

If your lease renews each year, then you could end up with a change in your living situation partway through the year. It's best to discuss it with your landlord early on. For instance, if you're expecting a baby, then the number of people in your family will change. If your lease specifies how many people can live in the house, then you may need an update to include the baby.

Your landlord isn't allowed to raise your rent for having a baby. However, your landlord should appreciate having a tenant responsible enough to proactively update household information.

3. Choose to ask permission rather than forgiveness

Some clauses in your lease, such as allowing you to have pets in your home, may be to some degree negotiable. So you're much better off asking for permission before you acquire a new pet. 

If your landlord is reluctant to add a clause allowing a pet, then consider offering to add a pet deposit in case of any damage to the unit. You can also offer to pay a small fee each month as pet rent.

These tips can help you stay on top of your living situation, keep the lines of communication open with your landlord, and avoid any unpleasant surprises on either side. To learn more about finding the right living situation and dealing with the landlords, contact real estate services in your area. 

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