Want To Buy In A City? 3 Ways To Cut Costs On A Single-Family Home

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Want To Buy In A City? 3 Ways To Cut Costs On A Single-Family Home

One of the most important decisions that you will need to make when buying a home is choosing an urban, suburban, or rural area. The type of area that you prioritize will play a substantial role in your house-hunting experience in regard to the price, competition, and suitable listings.

While you might be able to stretch your money quite far in a rural area with your budget, you may be determined to live in a city. Fortunately, you can cut costs in a lot of different ways when you are willing to search for features or qualities that some home buyers might normally avoid.

Square Footage

When you look at city homes, you should pay attention to the square footage because this will determine a lot of a property's value. Since space is often limited in a city and not at all in rural communities, you will find that large city houses are typically a lot more expensive. This means that you should make it a priority to buy a small home in the city because of its affordability.

While it may require a bit of creativity and getting used to a small home, you will appreciate your ability to find listed homes within your price range when you reduce the square footage.

Lot Size

Another measure that will play a substantial role in a home's price is the lot size. Before even seeing the price tag, finding a house on an oversized piece of land means that you can almost assume that it will be at least somewhat expensive. This means that you will find that you are most successful in finding affordable properties when you are willing to prioritize small lots.

Fortunately, you will get to enjoy a decent amount of control and flexibility because you can either prioritize large front yards or backyards. If you like an even balance instead, you should not hesitate to narrow down the list of homes to ones with well-balanced yards in terms of size.


A home in turnkey condition will cost more than a similar one that may not be considered a fixer-upper but that definitely needs a bit of work in various places. These are perfect homes to aim for since a decent percentage of home buyers will pass them up due to the work involved. But, you can look forward to doing a bit of work in exchange for saving on the price of a city home.

Cutting costs on a single-family home in a city is easy to do with these methods. Speak with a professional about single-family homes in an area you like. 

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