What Factors Classify A Home As Luxury?

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What Factors Classify A Home As Luxury?

Luxury homes get a lot of attention because of their size, but there are so many factors that can classify a home as luxury where real estate is concerned. Here are a few of those factors. 

The Privacy Level of the Property 

Luxury homes can be showy in style and stature, but they also tend to offer a lot of privacy and security for the owner. It is not uncommon for a luxury property to offer things like a gated entryway, privacy fencing, and more secluded locations that are not completely viewable from a main road. 

The Extra Amenities of the Property 

Naturally, luxury real estate for sale gets a lot of attention because some of the extra amenities the property can have. There are always the usual amenities, such as tennis courts and swimming pools, but many homes are built to suit the original owner and can have unique amenities that you wouldn't find in other houses. For example, you may find a house that has its own music studio, a horse barn and stable on the grounds, or a regulation-size baseball diamond. 

The Provenance of the Property 

Provenance refers to the background of the property. Some homes gain that luxury designation because of who built the house or what the house is built out of. For example, a luxury home may be designated as such because it was designed by a famous architect or built out of rare materials. 

The Architecture of the House 

Many people envision luxury homes as stately mansions with a trademark appearance, but that is simply not how every luxury home looks. Many of these homes gain their luxury designation because of their unique build. You may find a home that has a rustic cabin appearance outwardly, but the interior is something akin to a Gothic castle. You could find a house built solely out of storage containers and recycled materials. There really are no bounds when it comes to what the house is made of or how it is built; it just has to be extraordinary in some way.

The Quality of the Materials 

A luxury home tends to hold some of the most upscale materials and implements inside. Things like marble, granite, and other natural stone, fine hardwoods, and even expensive metal may show up. Likewise, expensive appliances are usually integrated; appliances from top brands that have a unique appearance and long life span. 

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