Tips to Help You Find a Pet-Friendly Rental Home

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Tips to Help You Find a Pet-Friendly Rental Home

As the owner of a dog, you know they make up an important part of your family, and their safety and wellbeing are important to you just as another human family member's safety and wellbeing would be. And when you are looking for a new place to rent, you need to consider your pet's needs as well as your own in the selection.

Here are some tips to help you find a rental house that will provide a home for you and your pet with a comfortable and safe environment.

Determine Pet-Friendly Rentals

At the beginning of your rental search, you can eliminate any properties that do not allow pets. And if they do allow pets, make sure that your specific type of pet is allowed. For example, many rentals will allow cats and dogs, but only dog breeds up to a certain weight limit and not including aggressive breeds, such as Pit Bulls and Rottweilers. 

Ask the property manager if your dog is allowed before you apply for the rental. The property manager might also want to see a photo, vaccination records, and other details about your dog along with your rental application for them to process your submission. It can be helpful to compile this information on your pet before you begin your rental search.

Look For Pet Amenities

Another important step is to look for features in the rental that will meet your pet's specific needs. Just as you look for a rental home with a dishwasher, washer and dryer hookups, and an air conditioner, your dog may need an outdoor area to run and play or do their business. A pet-friendly townhome, for example, might have a backyard with a fence to keep your dog safe and protected from other animals and dangers. You may also want to look for a rental property that has a dog walk park on the property, which will provide you outdoor exercise for your pet when you don't have a backyard space.

Found Out Additional Pet Rental

As part of your rental search, you will also want to research any pet fees that will come along with your new rental home. Some properties will charge pet rent in addition to the pet deposit that you need to pay before you move in. Or in other situations, you might find that monthly pet insurance is needed in addition to your monthly rent, which will cover your unit against any pet-related damages.

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