Tips To Help You Budget For Home Buying And Ownership Costs

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Tips To Help You Budget For Home Buying And Ownership Costs

The time to buy a home in many areas of the country is now, as home prices have remained steady and there are a good number of homes for sale on the market. And with summer approaching, it makes it the perfect time for you to buy a home and move your household. So, to help you out in this purchase, here are some considerations to think about when you are looking to buy a house in the next few months.

Upfront Costs

When you buy a home, the actual property's purchase price is a large cost that you need to plan for and likely get financing for. However, there are going to be other costs and expenses that will come up before you sign for the purchase and can take possession of the home and move in, and you will need to similarly be ready to budget for them.

One of the first costs will be an earnest money deposit, which you will have available to put down on a home along with a contract to purchase the property. The earnest money deposit will be held in an escrow account if your offer is accepted by the seller and will go toward your purchasing costs. Keep in mind that if you back out of the contract, the earnest money will usually go to the seller because you broke the contract.

You will also need to have the funds to pay for the closing costs for the purchase transaction. These costs will be due when you close on the home and sign all the contracts and documents making the transaction legal. Closing costs can be several thousand dollars, depending on the cost of the home you purchase, and they include costs such as the loan origination fee, recording fees, and title insurance. Talk to your real estate agent about this expense, as they can help you calculate the total closing costs.

Maintenance Budget

Unless you are buying a newly built home with a builder's warranty, you should plan for some future maintenance costs. A home has many systems and components that can be varying ages and in different conditions. As a result, you should havesavings or a budget in place to save up for repairs and replacement on different items. For example, if your home's dishwasher is nearing seven years old, it might be at the end of its working life and will need a replacement soon. Budget for the cost of a new dishwasher that will fit your needs so that when it stops working, you will have the funds to cover a new one.

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