Home Search Tips to Look for a Golf Front Property

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Home Search Tips to Look for a Golf Front Property

The prospect of buying a home on a golf course can open up a variety of possibilities that allow you to live within close proximity to an enjoyable golf community with beautiful views right from your own backyard. As you shop for the right golf front property, be sure you consider some of the most important details of this purchase. Here are some recommendations to help you as you look for a golf front home as your next residence.

Consider the Surrounding Area

A golf course is a large span that covers acres of land, so the different homes in the community might be positioned in quite different areas. Although each home is next to the expanse of green golf turf, there might be some other characteristics about the specific property you might enjoy more than others and some details you may not prefer. Be sure you look at the home before you choose to buy it, and also look at its surroundings.

For example, look at if the home is next to a putting green or next to one of the furthest holes in the course. Does the backyard sit right next to a paved sidewalk where golf carts and golfers will pass by daily? Does the property provide a barrier of shrubbery to give you some privacy from this traffic? Or, is the property near the parking area or clubhouse where many people may congregate?

Also look at the location of the golf community in relation to nearby shopping, grocery stores, and other conveniences you will need to visit regularly. If a golf front property is a long drive away from the nearest urban area, is this going to be a problem? Think about the specific details about a golf front property to make sure you are happy with it.

Is There an HOA?

Another consideration to think about is if the property is included in a homeowners association (HOA). This detail will require you to likely pay a monthly fee, which you should figure into your new home budget. But this detail will also mean that some of your property's maintenance might be covered by a landscaping service. In this case, you would not have to worry about handling any yard maintenance, which may or may not be a benefit to you. If you are the type that loves to work in your yard in your spare time or grow a vegetable garden or a bed full of your favorite plants, this might be a restriction on your wish list.

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