4 Ridiculously Simple Ways To Prepare For House Hunting Post-Pandemic

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4 Ridiculously Simple Ways To Prepare For House Hunting Post-Pandemic

For most of the world, life will now be broken up into pre- and post-pandemic and life post-pandemic will be forever changed. While everyone is cooped up and self-isolating, it may feel like life is at a standstill. There is no reason to waste this time, however. Use it to prepare for your post-pandemic house hunt.

Watch the Interest Rates

The only good news during COVID-19 for home buyers is that mortgage interest rates are at all-time lows and dropping. Stay abreast of the mortgage situation and be sure to watch the rates weekly, if not daily. If they start to rise, it may be your time to lock in and make a move.

Learn New Skills

Instead of binge-watching something like the entire ten-year run of "Friends" (again), learn a new skill. Many college classes and career training seminars have moved online to accommodate those stuck at home and self-isolating. Future homeowners, however, can take this opportunity to study up on remodeling skills, design trends, and even home maintenance projects. There is a plethora of "How To" videos out there on every subject under the sun. Educate yourself so you have a better understanding of how things work before you start your house hunt in earnest again.

Understand Your Credit Score

Use this break in your hunt to improve your credit score. You can get a free copy of your credit report online, or you can request a copy from your mortgage broker. Your first step is to look for errors. You may be surprised to find a cable television account from a state you never lived in. Mistakes happen. Fix those first. If you have the ability to pay off any old bills or pay down any outstanding debt, do so. Talk to your mortgage broker to see which items need attention the most.

Know What You Want

House hunting is most successful when prospective home buyers know exactly what they want and don't want before they start their search. Use this opportunity to really narrow down your likes and dislikes in a home.

Make a list of what you are looking for and, more importantly, separate that list into "must-haves" and "wants". For example, you "must have" three bedrooms to accommodate your children vs. you "want" a walk-out basement. If you are not sure what you are looking for in a house, look over design blogs, buy decorating magazines, and read home-focused websites. Exposure to today's trends as well as classic styles should give you a better idea of what you want in a house.

Treat this as an opportunity. You have been given the time to prepare for your next task in life: finding the perfect house.

For more information or help when you are ready to find a single-family home for sale, contact a real estate agent.

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